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(Gold glaze new in 2013, ok, maybe not so new anymore...)

"We use our Sondahl bowls constantly, and get pleasure from handling them and looking at them." Daniel Pinkwater, Oct. 2002.

My other pottery webpages:
50 year pottery retrospective (2021)
2015 Promo Youtube Ad (funny!)

Sondahl Pottery Showroom Page 1
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General information
on Sondahl pottery

News article on Brad from the Idaho Spokesman-Review, July 2002

Article on Brad from the Idaho Spokesman_Review, June, 2005
Tips for Potters
A Guided Tour of my Pottery Workshop
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Short tour of 2006 workshop

Electric Kiln Guide

Cone 8-10 Oxidation Glazes

Brad's Magazine and other Pottery Articles (newest article March 2004)

Short guide to Crystalline Glazes

Crystalline color tests

How to Multiply your glaze tests
Short guide to glazing tools

Make your own drill powered glaze mixer.

An illustrated guide to pottery tools
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Page 3
Operating instructions for Sondahl Pottery mugs  (funny!)

Jeremiah went to the Potter (Song)

 Step by step illustrated guide to making goblets.

Step by step guide to making candleholders, rings, and arches

More pottery how- to videos are on the Video Link found at the top or bottom of this page...