A CD of instrumental arrangements of sacred music for folk instruments
including guitar, 6 string banjo, penny whistle, and harmonica.

Here's the list of songs:

1. Jesus Christ is risen today
    Guitar (Easter Hymn 1708      1:50)
2. Immortal invisible
    Guitar (St. Denio, Welsh melody 1:50)
3. I will arise and go to Jesus
    Guitar (American folk hymn   2:00)
4. I’m so glad Jesus lifted me
    Guitar (Afr. Am. spiritual.  2:30)
5. What a friend we have in Jesus
      Guitar, banjo, pennywhistle.
    (Erie, Charles Converse, 1868 2:25):
6. Jesus calls us o’er the tumult
  Guitar:(Galilee, Wm. Jude, 1874   2:05)
7. In Christ there is no East or West
    Guitar:(McKee, Afr-Am. spiritual 3:12)   Alternate showing guitar fingering
8. I know that my redeemer lives
     Guitar, harmonica, banjo,pennywhistle.
     (Duke Street, John Hatton 1:40)
9. Guide me oh thou Great Jehovah
     Guitar,  banjo, pennywhistle
    (Cwm Rhondda, John Hughes, 1907) 1:40.
10. Let all mortal flesh keep silence   Guitar,
    pennywhistle     (Picardy, French Carol):3:18
11. Come thou fount of every blessing  Guitar
     (Nettleton, Wyeth’s repository, 1813): 1:30
12. A grapevine twines around a twisted tree
    (Sondahl, 1990 Guitar                           2:12)
13. As we enter in.   (Sondahl, 1990) Guitar 2:10
14. Come thou almighty king (Italian Hymn --de
    Giardini). Guitar                                        1:20
15. Praise to the Lord the Almighty (Lobe den
    Herren) Guitar                                          1:48
16. Pachelbel’s Canon variations. Guitar.3:23

Here's what reviewer Mitch Finley said about it in the Sept. 2004 INBA newsletter:

"Brad has the perfect touch for this kind of music, light but sure, so you get tunes joyful and encouraging... This is a wonderful, wonderful recording.  Not to be missed."
 Unfortunately, it's also not to be found, except as individual tracks on Youtube...