Phil S.SteenSteen for president
For President
World Election Headquarters
(Located offshore in a wrecked oil tanker for tax purposes)
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The Phil Steen story:
 A typical child, of parents involved in rancorous divorce with neither wishing to provide child support for young Phil, he early on learned the meaning of that quintessential American value: Independence. Rising above the fetid circumstances of his rural ghetto upbringing, Phil made it through Harvard at the bottom of his class, but ranked in the top 2/3 socially, due to his congenial nature and good rural ghetto drug connections.  Occasionally running into youthful misadventures with the law, still, he had:

No Felony Convictions
   During his time in academics, he became convinced that Bug Eyed Monsters were plotting to take over the world.  This led him to the realization that:
Resistance is Futile
   Things got better for Phil when he learned that an aluminum foil hat could help block the subversive Zeton rays that were causing him to read Reader's Digest in 14 hour stints.  That's why he's become the plain talker with the Tin Foil Hat  (Note: This video was somehow surpressed either by aliens or  Google and its Youtube minions, and had to be reuploaded so that the important wisdom contained could be disseminated--Phil is still trying to decide if this is a heinous plot):
Steen 4 president Tin Foil Hat

    It was after his pyramid scheme for Nigerian stock sales failed that he realized he was cut of better cloth, and that the President is in a unique situation to reap vast fiscal rewards, before, during, and after office. And so he decided to run for President, from deep seated economic convictions (still no felonies).
Steen for President
   While response to the Steen candidacy was generally positive, he had to confront his share of naysayers and ne'er do wells, most of whom knew him intimately.
Steen? No way!
   Steen was quick to defend himself against this sensible onslaught:
No to the Ultimate Liberation Front

    A long hard winter gave Steen other things to worry about, but after a few shock treatments, he was able to post this:
Phil Steen Snow Fundraiser

    You want to talk about issues?  Phil Steen has a health plan for America which reduces health costs and gives frequent flier miles without raising taxes.   How does he do it?  The guy's a magician!

 Phil Steen sings out on gun control:  
 "Everyone should have a gun"

He's taking the war offshore!
Steen 4 President Strong on Defense

Phil Steen's Million Dollar Challenge!

What way can the Steen candidacy go from here but up?
What more do you need to know?
Steen in 12.
Why settle for anyone else?


Irving R Feldbrook
Phil Steen speaks on his selection for Vice President:  "I can't say enough about the dedication and experience of  Vice Presidential Candidate Gen. Irving R Feldbrook, Jr. (ret.)., a great American, except that I'm sure he didn't commit any major atrocities while in service to our great country."

Phil Steen on the Economy and Politics:
"Although economics is approaching the level of a science in its ability to keep our economy afloat, the actual decisions are made by the political process, which is more like a blunt instrument wielded by knuckle walkers.  Things look kind of bad."
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