Welcome to the Sondahl Pottery sales page!
Leadfree Handthrown Stoneware pottery
These represent my standard decorations:

You can order any of my pottery shapes in any of these decorations.  It's likely that I may not have all decorations in stock..  Making pots takes 2-3 weeks.  So if it's not in stock, I'll let you know so you can decide whether you want to wait.  To order, you can email
Include item, quantity, decoration, and the shipping address.  You pay the cost of pottery, plus the actual cost of shipping (and sales tax if you live in Idaho). I won't know the actual shipping cost til it ships. Every order includes my personal insurance of safe arrival (broken pots reship for free).   I am located in Spirit Lake, Idaho.  Also you can call (208) 818-7282 (8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time zone,M-Sat).  I accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal  If you pay by credit card, the most secure method is to email part of the number and call with the rest. I ship orders via the US Postal Service. Personal check or money orders are also accepted for purchase, but must be received with an estimate of shipping cost in advance of shipping.  Note that like all handmade pottery, size and height vary... (Note to Canadian customers--I've learned that regardless of how near you are, there is one rate for all US parcels to Canada, and it can be twice the value of the pottery.  Our low prices may still make that a worthwhile deal for you--if not please bring a shopping list next time you are through and stock up :-) )

Due to the extra time packing pots for shipping takes, our lowest prices are only available when you shop at our studio.

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Advent Candle Ring
Holds 4 standard tapers
Green 3 tone decoration shown.

Batter Bowl
Large enough for a family batch of pancakes.
Blue comet decoration shown

Berry Bowl--Pick, rinse or serve in this small fruit collander.  Holds at least one pint.  Night and Day decoration shown. $15.00
Featured on HGTV's craft program called "That's Clever" Nov. 2011
Bowls, many sizes (diameters approx.)
Small dessert bowl  
$6.00 5"  
Cereal/soup bowl     $9.00 6"
Stew/salad/pasta bowl  $10.00  7"
Serving Bowls:    
Small   $18.00   8'
Medium $20.00  9"
Large $21.00    10"

Larger  $26.00   12"
Ex. large  $38.00   14"

Butter dish, dome topped
Blue Bunny decoration shown

French butter dish. 

Butter goes in the top, water (or ice) in the bottom.
Blue zip decoration shown. $15.00
Candle holder-Smaller, without handle, Night and Day decoration shown. $5.00


Candleholder, large, with handle, $10.00
Blue Scallop decoration shown.

Canister set: 
Green Zip decoration shown. 
Small $21.00
 Medium $23.00,
Large $26.00


Casserole or tortilla warmer
Holds about 1.5 quarts
Larger version available. $41.00)

Chicken Cooker
Use beer or fruit juice inside inner
compartment to moisturize chicken
while roasting in oven.
Brown Gloss Decoration Shown

Chip and Dip Small  
(about 10 inches diameter) $25.00

Chip and Dip Large
(about 11 inches diameter) $37.00
9" Colander-- Brown Gloss decoration shown.  $16.00

Colander-10",    Blue Zip decoration shown. $21.00

Condiment Holder, double
lavender glaze shown

Condiment Holder, triple
Green 3 tone glaze shown

Covered Jar, small  (about 4 inches high)
 Also available as shorter and wider.  Black zip  decoration shown. $16.00
Creamer, holds about 10-12 oz.  Blue Bunny decoration shown. $11.00

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